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Australian John c1968

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John McInerney ( alias Australian John, born Australia, 1940s - died Australia, 1990s).

Australian John McInerney travelled to India in the early 1960s & was prominent on the alternative Banaras scene from then on until he returned to Australia in the 1970s.



  • Although John thought of Banaras as his spiritual home & returned there many times, he travelled quite widely in India, spending time in Delhi, various North Indian hill stations & also going to Goa & staying in Bombay.
  • John became a devotee of Meher Baba, whom he had seen in a dream before knowing who the face in the dream was; coming to India to find out, he realised from seeing a photograph, that it was Meher Baba.[1]
  • He may have come into the orbit of Bhagavan Rajneesh (later Osho) in the 1970s.

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  • Brice Bowman wrote
"I met Autralian John in the astrological park in New Delhi, It was Neil (Neil Rock) that introduced me to him. The year was 1967 in July, I remember that John obviously was someone who had been in India for a few years already. I felt in his 'presence' while sitting on a platform where he had spread his cloth and shared a chillum.
  • Andrew Klein wrote
"I first met Australian John McInerney in summer ’68 on the houseboats in Benares. He was hanging out on the boats one afternoon with Arthur and the two of them came over to my flat which I shared with James Ebin. Arthur and James talked Sanskrit University matters and AJ and I got acquainted. When Jasper, Bhagawan Das, Tony Dorje Cole, Wolf and Mary, Nico, Turina, Michael Mann, Donna, and the rest of the gang showed up in the autumn, we spent virtually every night till Spring ’69 at Susari Niwas in Lanka singing bhajans, smoking chillums and dropping acid all winter. I’ve spent the last 40+ years at least partially living off those memories. We were all in our prime."
"He was a prince among men, he and his bosom buddy and lifelong sidekick Jasper Newsome, they were a pair. They were as close as cold on ice and we took many trips together, some of the premier trips of my life. When I last saw Jasper in Oxford in December, 2003, six months before Jasper himself went to the other shore, he told me that AJ was gone. Knowing the two of them was one of the pleasures of my life."

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