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Wolfie Diels.
Wolfgang Diels.

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Wolfgang Diels (aka Wolf, Wolfie, born Passau, Germany, June 9th 1947 - died USA, December 12th 1992).



Wolf was an only child. His parents split up when he was very young. His mother remarried when he was twelve. Germany still had national service so when he was called up he hitched a lift with a truck delivering Mercedes cars to Afghanistan. He never returned to Germany.

He met Mary Oberne on Colva beach Goa in 1967. She was beautiful and had a Jeep and an income; together they travelled through India, South East Asia and Europe. They stayed together till just after the birth of their daughter (Dolma) in 1969.

Wolf then left India and went to live in London and later Amsterdam. In 1972 he met a Dutch woman and they had a daughter together. In 1977 he went out to California (Mary Oberne bought him a ticket to come see his daughter Dolma). He supported himself with his tailoring, making many "far out costumes" for the hippies. He also worked with rubber and leather and made clothing for people in the sex industry. He lived in and around San Francisco until his death.


Daughter - Dolma, born 1969, Goa, India, to mother Mary Oberne.

Daughter - Noa, born 1972, Amsterdam, Holland, to mother Yuki (died c. 2004).


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  • Nico Morrison wrote
"I had a lot of fun with Wolf Diels, first in Banaras & Delhi maybe 1967 or 1968. Later I knew him when he was together with Mary Oberne in Goa, 1969. Years later I met him again in London, where he was living with a lady astrologer in a squat in Lots Road, at that time the impoverished working class end of Chelsea. He had taken to wearing a classical piccolo on his belt like a rapier and would pull it out and play at any provocation. Women loved him."

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