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Peter Roberts, London 1980s

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Peter Norman Roberts (aka 'Pete the Rat', born UK, c1940 - died Moline, USA, c1997).



  • Peter was born in England. His mother was from Germany. He graduated from Oxford University in 1963 & returned to London where he share a flat with Steven Abrams & was friendly with Jasper Newsome, amongst many others. He travelled to India in 1966 & had many adventures, visiting Arthur C Clarke in Colombo, taking in Calcutta & living in Banaras.

From Banaras Peter joined Swami Damodaranand Bharati in North Kerala, where he received instruction & care, especially when his major epilepsy was cured by a long series of Ayurvedic treatments.

Returning to the UK he sold, first clothes under the arches at Portobello Market, and then Pianos from a shop in Kilburn.

He married and moved to the USA, living in Moline, Illinois with his wife & stepson & running retail outlets, believed to be a head shop or two.

He died in Moline c1997, shortly after a last visit to the UK in 1996.

Family / Children

  • Married once, believed divorced.
  • One stepson.


Blog Posts

  • Nothing yet.


External Links

  • Sour Power(.pdf) article by Steve Abrams, IT April 1978.
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