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Marjorie Oberne, daughter Mary Oberne & grand-daughter Dolma, Calcutta 1973

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Marjorie Mary Oberne (aka 'Maji'; nee Borden, born Ottawa, Canada, 13th February 1911 - died 2nd April 1992).



Marjorie Oberne (nee Borden) was born in Ottawa, Canada. Her uncle Robert Borden was the prime minister of Canada from 1911-1920, he died in 1937.

In her teens and early twenties Marjorie travelled round Europe. She met Jack Oberne aboard the Queen Mary on her return from England to America. They married in 1929.

She was a flapper and hung out at the Cotton Club and other 'wild places'.

In the early 30's she worked for AAP and drew background scenery for Popeye cartoons.

She and Jack had two daughters - Penny and Mary.

In 1970 she flew out to India to see her youngest granddaughter, Dolma, whose parents Mary Oberne & Wolf Diels were about to split up, so Mary arranged for Marjorie to take the boat from Goa to Bombay with a few of her friends (Blue, Desmond, Mur) and on the way up she "tuned in, turned on & dropped out". Marjorie dumped all her "straight" clothes overboard.

At fifty three years of age she was the oldest of the hippies and because she was also Mary's mother, she was known as Maji from that time on. She bought a orange Jeep and her and a few other freaks drove around India together getting high.

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