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How to contribute to The Flower Raj Wiki (a guide for users).

Summary: Since this encyclopaedia uses the same program as Wikipedia, many people will be familar with using it to search for information; in order to contribute to it an editing account is required, just as for Wikipedia. Once able to login you can edit existing pages, add new pages & upload images & audio.


Creating Your Account

Join us by contacting us and asking for an editing account; please state briefly your interest & intentions.

Your email address is required & you will have to activate your account by clicking on the link that will be emailed to you.

Account Login

Once your account has been created & activated you can login with your username & password at Special:UserLogin & get to work.

Modifying a Page

There is a menu bar along the top of each page after you have logged in. Click on 'edit' and you will see the source for the page in the 'edit' box. Go ahead and make your changes.

Creating a new Page

To create a new page - first search to check whether the page already exists. If it does NOT exist you are given the opportunity to create it. Once created - carry on as if editing an existing page.

this page is a helpful stub & needs expansion.

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