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Harry Crespi 2009
Billy, Sushanta, Harry & Chris
Martin, Harry, Tabla Paul, Arthur Mandelbaum, Brice Bowman and in the back row Loren. Taken in NYC summer 2009.

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Harry Crespi ('Peanut Butter Harry', born USA, 30th October 1948 - died Delhi, India (4:00pm) 31st October 2011).



  • Harry lived in Kathmandu for many years, a practising yogi who performed many fire puja ceremonies for his friends in the West, when he made his infrequent visits back to the USA.

Family / Children

  • TBC



Joseph Siegel wrote:

"wanted to share the following as a rememberance for harry."
"Irreplacable Irrepressible Irascible Rajasic Rascal Still He was always there when it really counted May your journey back to OM Be full of Love, Laughter and the Light of the Three Jewels and Three Roots"
"Thanks good brother, joseph siegel"

Michael Bocian wrote:

"I would like to sincerely offer my condolences to the Crespi family for their recent loss of Harry Crespi, husband, father and friend. I was lucky enough to meet Harry in NYC in the nineties through another close friend of mine Paul Leake aka Tabla Paul. There was never one time on Harry’s visit to NYC that he would not bring me some gifts from Nepal. Usually Buddhist prayer flags, prayer cords, mala prayer beads and incense. All his gifts always filled my life with positive loving healing energy. I was always very grateful for him thinking of me. I will always remember him as a dear friend from past, present and future reincarnations."
"It was his gifted flags that led me to create a CD based on improvisations of the five the Buddhist prayer flags called, “The Five Elements” Enclosed is one calming peace that I would like to gift back to him called “Blue Space”. Much love always, Namaste..."

Paul Leake wrote:

"Dear, dear Harry appeared in Kathmandu valley about 1968. Before that, who knows? The hippy camp in Dhulikel, eight fingered Eddy, the Blue Tibetan Restaurant, the Cabin, Moti Manʼs small restaurant at the base of Swayambhu, Nakalʼs tea shop in Kimdol, Birsinghʼs “flower garden” house and the “bakery” were where globetrotters congregated. Harry gravitated to the bakery and baked the first whole wheat loaves in the valley and followed up with homemade peanut butter sold to trekkers. Peanutbutter Harry."
"Along with Bill & John he took refuge with Druptop Rinpoche, a Gelugpas Lama at Swayambhu, a healer and Tara Siddha. There were regular sitar concerts / parties in Birsinghʼs garden by the blind maestro Sri Narendra Bhattaju which affected us all as to the wonders of classical indian music. We were all 19 or 20 at that time and found in Nepal a cozy home in the mountain hospitality and openess after the crowded plains of the subcontinent. It was the college campus for dropouts!"
"I remember Harry driving up on a motorcycle at 8am to present still warm loaves of brown bread to Sima as she had breakfast in the garden of the Royal Hotel, Kathmandu. A friend at that time was Keith Redman known to the Tibetans as “Otsun Karpo” or white beard, actually it was blond. He had received the transmission and ordination of the Milarepa yogis and lived in Swayambhu. At some point Harry felt a connection with this rare yogi lineage which has close connections with India as well as Tibet. He subsequently took ordination as Lungdrup Repa and was able to benefit in his practice. Keith had already painstakingly been instructed in, documented and practiced the noble path of the Chakrasambara Tantra. A group of friends formed known as the Repa Sangha who all practiced as white robed yogis. Around this time (1970?) I moved to Calcutta to further my tabla studies in India itself."
"Harry continued in Nepal under the friendship of Keith, the direct instruction of Sonam Gyurme (meditation teacher at the gompa) and the blessings of HHSabchu Rinpoche. After receiving the outer, inner, secret and Mahamudra instructions Harryʼs practice blossomed as he spent many short (3- 4 month) retreats in many sacred caves and power spots in Nepal & India as revealed in his Samaya. He visited the 4 main Tirthas, the 8 sacred cremation grounds, Milarepaʼs meditation caves, the remote access points of the godess, doing the 6 yogas. He often came west and performed the lengthy Fire Pujas or Agni Hotra for friends in need. Always a generous and humble friend, factual to a fault, world traveler and stay at homer, houseguest and consummate host. When I arrived middle of the nite in Kathmandu with my family from Uzbekistan, who was there to pick us up at the airport? In white robes, driving a 4x4, Harry."
"When I left Kathmandu in 1970 or so, I introduced Harry to my tabla teacher Prof. Kali Prasad Sherma who lived in Patan. I said to my teacher - “You will lose one student but gain another!” Harry studied tabla with Kali Prasad Ji for 20 years or so until the accidental death of his guru by minivan. Harry and I were tabla gurubhais!"
"Married to a beautiful Jaya and survived by 4 children and a grandchild, Harry just recently finished construction on a fantastic new 3 storied house in Kathmandu and was in the process of compiling, archiving and translating the entire Chakrasambara Tantra cycle & related tantras."
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