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Morrison in Melbourne c1881.

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Dr George Ernest Morrison (aka 'Chinese' Morrison, aka Morrison of Peking, born Australia, 4th February 1862 - died Sidmouth, England, 30th May 1920).



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  • Wife - Jennie Wark Robin (1889-1923), his former secretary; they married in 1912 & she survived him by only three years.
  • Three sons - Ian Ernest (1913-1950), Alastair Gwynne (1915-2009)[2], and Colin (1917-1990), all born in Peking & educated in England, all graduates of Trinity College, Cambridge.


  • Family Grave George Morrison was buried in Sidmouth & when Jenny died three years later she joined him in the square white marble grave that she had had designed after The Forbidden City in Peking (now Beijing).

Books by G E Morrison

  • An Australian in China downloadable .pdf file (8.2MB) - 2nd edition 1895, with illustrations & photos (Cornell University Library 1918 gift).

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