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Eight Finger Eddie (real name Yertward´╗┐ Mazmanian, born 1924, USA - died 18th October 2010, Anjuna, Goa, India).

Eight Finger Eddie, Goa, 1970s.
Anjuna - Jan 2010
Last Days 2010
Altar at Kathmandu Memorial Puja



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(Eddie's funeral in Mapuca / Goa; live recording by Krishna via Blog TV; credits to Oystein and the Goa Hippie Tribe on Facebook & Goa Hippy Tribe on Vimeo.)
Excellent BBC India report on the Goa scene & Eddie's Life & Death.


Blog Posts

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  • Mary Finnigan wrote:
"I didn't know Eddie had died. His most memorable remark to me was at a Keith Dowman party in Kathmandu in 1994. "Hi Eddie"I said, "remember me from 1970?" "No" he replied "Still commuting between Nepal and Goa?" I asked, "Oh yes" he replied, "never been west of Kabul since 1963."
  • Caroline Deakin wrote:
"The only memorable anecdotes I have of Eddy may be a bit obscure. When I first met him in 1969/70 he claimed to have no desires. At that time he spent the winters in Goa and summers in Kathmandu, so I asked him why he 'chose' to live in these two places. His answer seemed appropriate in the context of Aldous Huxley's famous book, Eddy told me that these two places were the greatest heaven and hell on earth. I don't think 'outsiders' would understand but Eddy took care of people and there were quite a few casualties on the beach at the time."


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