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  • We knew Arthur very well for many decades and dearly loved him. Met Tsering when she was a little girl. You would not recognize her today! She’s very blond! But still (always) has that shy, very soft-spoken essence, although she speaks with a sort of English accent because she spent some time in England many years ago. She now lives in Queens NY. Haven’t seen her for a while, but she’s definitely a part of my life.

Arthur and Tsering always came to the Thanksgiving Loren and I had every year and there are many pictures from those times if only I could find any of them. My photos seem to be lost on some foreign planet at the moment. He and Loren would spend hours working on translations (Tibetan to English). Then they’d take a break and play a little Frisbee Golf! Both were Aries and very good at this game. Still have a bunch of Frisbees in Woodstock for when we all come back again as rascally kids. I miss them both so much! I called him “my Arthur”.

I spent many, many days with Arthur when he became ill, very precious moments, listening and talking, and was with him the day he died, up to three hours before he left his body. Because there were no Lamas around at that moment, I did Powa for him and talked to him just as I had for Loren. A few days later there was a very beautiful gathering for him presided over by his dear friend Khenpo Tsewang Rinpoche and the full, correct Powa was done. So beloved Arturo as we called him, had a very good send-off.


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